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"The church is a church, if she lives for the sake of others."
(Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

"For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life."
(The Gospel of John 3,16)


The Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Hungary

Our church is a community of about 300 Lutheran congregations being bound to Jesus Christ. In spite of all their differences, the members belong to "one body" - in the smallest diaspora congregation as well as in the congregations having more than ten thousand souls.

The service of three bishops directs the work running in the congregations, for getting the gospel even to places where only one Lutheran person lives, but it should be heard also in places where our congregation members are in majority. The seats of the three church districts (Buda, Győr and Pest) serve also as spiritual centres for all Lutheran people.

The administrative centre of our church - Budapest, Üllői út 24 - is such a place of service which supports the work of the congregations and the church institutions. Besides the departments for education, economy, building activities, legal cases and youth questions (being all at the disposal of every Lutheran), it is also a place where everybody can reach the services of the clinical-, as well as the prison pastoral care, or the help of any other missionary lines, further the University Congregation, too.

In our 37 educational institutions (nurseries, schools), about seven thousand students prepare themselves for life, with the help of nearly one thousand teachers. At the Lutheran Theological University, more than hundred students carry out their studies at the faculties for the pastors' education, or the religion teachers' training for primary and secondary schools.

In our charity homes, several hundred old people get a home in fraternal community for the last part of their life. We undertake also the care for disabled children. The homeless people's home in Nyíregyháza, the rehabilitation centre for alcoholics in Györköny, the social employing house in Piliscsaba, the home care service in Kiskőrös and Szarvas, all prove the social empathy of the Lutherans.

In our rest-houses - eg. Balatonszárszó, Gyenesdiás, Sopron -, we offer recreation in body and soul for the exhausted, and in our conference centres - eg. Révfülöp or Piliscsaba -, we ensure psychical and spiritual strengthening for those who seek the deeper sense of life.

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